Introducing Tribe Kicks's Customer Loyalty Program

We're excited to introduce Tribe Kicks's customer rewards and loyalty program! Now you can earn rewards when you shop with us!

With Tribe Kicks's loyalty and rewards program, you collect Points which you can trade in for some great savings and rewards!

Ways you can earn:

Activity Points
Signup 50 Points
Order 5 Points / USD
Anniversary 75 Points
Birthday 75 Points
Referral 100 Points

Rewards You Can Earn

As you collect Points, you'll become eligible to redeem them for rewards. Here are some of the rewards you can earn.

Reward Points Minimum purchase to redeem discount
$5 Off 200 Points  No minimum purchase
$10 Off Coupon 300 Points $30
$15 Off Coupon 400 Points $45
$20 Off Coupon 600 Points $60
$25 Off Coupon 1,000 Points $75
$50 Off 3,500 Points $125

How to Get Started

To get started, click on the Glow Rewards icon on the bottom left corner of the screen and sign up today to start getting points! You can check your balance at any time by clicking the icon.



(1) The $ amount discounted using gift cards, credit codes or discount codes are not eligible to earn points. Also, shipping charges are not eligible toward earning points.

(2) There's a minimum purchase amount for Glow coupons of $10-$50 in order to be redeemable. Please see table chart above. The $ you spend after discount code goes towards earning points.

 (3) Glow Rewards Points are non-transferable, have no cash value and cannot be exchanged, sold or returned. Also, coupon codes cannot be combined. Your coupon code cannot be redeem by no one else other than you.

(4) Glow Points will expire after 12 months of no account activity. Points will be automatically set back to zero. So make sure to have this in mind when signing up. With this said, Tribe Kicks is not responsible for lost or unused points because of account inactivity. If account is inactive for more than two years your account will be deleted. If you want to receive rewards again you will need to sign up again.